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Cheap Ralph Lauren from the United States, and the United States with an intense flavor. Two brand Ralph Lauren name Poloby Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren created a sales area in the world of high-quality fashion, the designer Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren brand reputation and brilliance image continues to develop.

Ralph Lauren fashion “American Classic” brand. Ralph Lauren (RalphLauren) is the United States has a thick atmosphere of high fashion brands taste, style highly stylized Ralph Lauren’s two famous brand “Lauren Ralph Lauren” (Ralph Lauren Women) and ” Polo Ralph Lauren “(Ralph Laolun Ma ball Men’s) common characteristics. In addition to fashion, Ralph Lauren brand also includes fragrance, children’s clothing, household and other products. Ralph Lauren is an outline of an American dream: the long grass, antique crystal, the name Marble horse. Ralph Lauren products: whether it is clothing or furniture, whether it is perfume or containers, have catered to the upper class customers yearning for a perfect life. Or as Ralph Lauren President himself said: “The purpose of my design is to realize the dream of people’s minds – the best imaginable reality.”

Ralph Lauren fashion design combines fantasy, romance, innovation and inspiration of classical presentation of all the details of the structure is not in a time-out values.

Ralph Lauren is the main consumer class or middle-income consumers and celebrities over, and comfortable, affordable good to wear Ralph Lauren POLO shirt, whether in Europe or Asia, almost become everyone wardrobe essential clothing styles!

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Cotton + polyester, refers to polyester and cotton blends collectively. Generally blended and interwoven two classification approach. The advantage is wrinkle resistance, and not deformed; drawback is easy fluff, plus twice dyed fabrics feel more rigid. Soft and thick, washing easily deformed, but somewhat less cotton than the clothing comfort
ʱ?? 65% cotton T-shirt fabric can be, but is relatively poor 35% cotton, wearing very comfortable, and very easy to play ball.
100% cotton
This is a relatively common T-shirt fabric, high cost, although unlike other high-grade T-shirt fabric, treated special technology, but 100% cotton, it has maintained excellent natural characteristics of cotton, skin-friendly good good air permeability, moisture absorption. If the budget is not much, want comfort, this one is a good choice. Of course, some after hair removal, softening and other special treatment of 100% cotton, they are all high-grade fabrics.
Cotton + Lycra (spandex quality), also known as Lycra cotton,ralph lauren uk outlet

With a drape and crease recovery capability, which is implanted in the weaving process is complete elastic cotton spandex fabric. Feel good, relatively close, highlighting the figure, flexible, especially suitable for close-fitting dress. The past two years began to be used on the men’s T-shirt. Generally when do T-shirt fabric, spandex fabric can only do light alkali low mercerized. The kinds of fabrics adapted to personal style than the T-shirt, skinny will be worse. In particular, it notes that this fabric to do shrinkproof water.
Mercerized cotton
Made of high-woven worsted yarn, mercerized cotton fabric with cotton as raw material. Then by singeing, mercerized, and other special processing procedures, made bright and clean, soft, high-quality anti-wrinkle mercerized yarn. In this raw material of high quality T-shirt fabric, not only completely preserved the natural characteristics of fine cotton, and has a silky luster, soft fabric, moisture permeability, flexibility and drape quite well; coupled with rich colors, dress up comfortable and casual, fully embodies the dress’s temperament and taste. Mercerized cotton and double mercerized cotton fabrics and delicate in workmanship and Indian embroidery is different with the general clothing, we recommended to find manufacturers focus on high-grade T-shirts, they have more experience.
Double mercerized cotton ralph lauren polo shirts
In after singeing, mercerized yarn as raw materials made of silk, cotton double mercerized fabric is “double burn dual wire” cotton products. Reference CAD CAM computer-aided design systems and computer-aided production system designed to quickly weave pattern T-shirt fabric, fabric again for singeing, mercerizing after, a series of finishing to produce this high-end T-shirt fabric, its cloth lines clear, flower-new, shiny, smooth feel, better than mercerized cotton, mercerized twice but due to consolidation, the price is slightly expensive.
Cotton fabrics
1, features: the case of hydrophilic fibers, absorbent strong and quick-drying. With moderate intensity of fiber, 3.5 ~ 4.0g / d of tensile strength, but when wet strength will be increased by 10%, making it the washing of the fibers. Good thermal conductivity, did not produce static electricity trouble.
2, the advantages of: a) heat absorbent, low unit price; b) good thermal conductivity, did not produce static electricity distress; c) the fear of acid afraid alkali can withstand strong detergents to clean it.
3 disadvantages: a) The tensile elastic are poor and easy to fold; b) there will be shrinkage phenomenon when the initial water, then washed the whole dress will be wrinkled, shrink the size or larger; c) susceptible to mildew and borers infringement; d) sweat acid will hurt the cotton, so strong to reduce cotton, prone to yellowing.
1, features: 70% cotton and 30% rayon blended in.
2, Advantages: absorbent cotton effect, with man-made fibers appearance characteristics.
3. Disadvantages: relatively poor touch.
TC (TC Tetoron, retractable nylon)
1, Material: Polyester POLYESTER.
2, Advantages: texture and resistance to sunlight of good, clean water, not easily deformed, anti-friction good.
3. Disadvantages: can cause static and pilling, do not sweat.
Nylon (Nylon)
1, features: excellent durability, a high-strength, high abrasion force.
2, the advantages: smooth, high gloss and gentle. Alkali and chlorine bleach Jie excellent resistance, but the acid will hurt nylon. Washable and quick drying and easy to fold. Not afraid of moth and mildew.
3. Disadvantages: non-absorbent, easy to static electricity. Very poor resistance to sunlight.
That is nylon, spandex. Lycra, the truth is added to the fabric in a rubber band, so that the fabric and elastic it. Many cotton fabrics are added 5% -10% of Lycra, that spandex. Such fabrics have a certain flexibility, get fit underwear can trim some of, but not binding sense of comfort and high number. Elastic fibers are not fabric, it is a component constituting the cloth.